Saturday, August 20, 2011

JP leads interweb in post planking trending stocking

A few months ago I noticed that this blog's visitor stats were racing ahead, maybe a third higher than normal. What was it? I wondered. Was it Buff Staysail? Top Yacht? Descriptions of travel from back in 2009?

Nope, it was a post titled "Writing like" about a site that claimed it could detect writing styles. To accompany the text I added a picture taken from the web found after a quick Google, the one on the left above. And now Google images servers, deep in the heart of Mountain View, had decided that my picture was just great and had promoted it to a top placing.

Hmmm... thought I, how weird. Then for some strange reason it annoyed me: these hits weren't really my hits at all, they were for someone else's picture. So enough is enough, I think, its time to replace that stock photo with one of my own creation, the one on the right above.

And it did the trick. Google's algorithms had a collective seizure as they discovered their cached record was out of date and consequently dropped that web page down the rankings into oblivion, taking my site's traffic with it. Hurray!

So the matter rested until today when I read this story on Gizmodo, about something called "stocking" which is apparently the new "planking". I'm sure that you with-it in-time trending people all know about planking - after all it has its own Wikipedia entry.

However stocking was a new one to me. Apparently it involves "re-creating the world of the stock photo" and has its own web site here. It is so cutting edge that if you Google images "stocking" you don't find a single real "stocking" image!

But hang on: isn't that what I just did - several months ago? Maybe this blog is part of the post-planking trending interweb - nay, leading the pack, setting the pro-stocking agenda!!

I think I might go and lie down now - but not in planking way of course. This would be soooooo last month.


Tillerman said...

Oh geeze. Now I need to go and photograph a bottle of Advil and a coffee grinder, and find a horse with blinkers.

JP said...

Its all about being creative in the user generated content web 3.0 world, Tillerman! Be a trend leader! Mash-it up!

Hiring some horses with blinkers to photo in the name of blogging is so-2011 you would not believe it!

Tillerman said...
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Tillerman said...

Oops. This new-fangled HTNL thing is so hard. But I am now officially in the 3.0 world with my first stocking post.

O Docker said...

I'm laying claim to being the first of the sailbloggers to have done a post last year on planking.

Baydog said...

O Docker, you still look sooooo peaceful in that photo.

bonnie said...

Catalina should have bought that picture to use in a whole different kind of ad campaign - one aimed at the "tired people" demographic. Just looking at it made me wish that I had a sailboat on which I could take naps.

bonnie said...

ps - I could take a picture of a horse with blinkers for you.

Come to think of it, I could do all 3, although my coffee grinder isn't nearly as quaint and antique.

Secret word: Manteria. Would be the cafeteria where everything you order looks like something Fred Flinstone would eat?

JP said...

Sounds great Bonnie, I think Tillerman could use some help - maybe it should be a boating blog challenge or something.