Tuesday, July 26, 2016

America's Cup World Series: at the start

When watching racing out on the water one key question is where to hang around. There's always the problem that whatever position you chose you'll only see part of the race close up and the rest of time the boats will be zooming away some distance off.

We spent the whole of the ACWS on Sunday at the start, which was probably the best choice, but not necessarily because of the racing.

Yes, we could see the start well (above) but the best bit was the boats were really close for quite some time and at least partly when not racing the crew could be seen interacting, maybe talking through what was going right or wrong:

Pre-race they didn't have to keep to the course so really came quite close, with AC45s going either side of our RIB.
As the clock counted down to the next start, focus returned and they headed away towards the next race:

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