Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Sassi celeb watches at the ACWS!!!

Hi Guys!

OMG, is JP like totally USELESS!! Take this America's Cup race thing last weekend. I mean, first up he didn't bring ANY Pimms or bubbly! Huh!

Then he kept taking pictures of totally the wrong thing! Like above - ok, there was this Spithill fella but look whats behind!! Top tip - what are the TV camera's focusing on guys?

Yes, it was her highness herself, Kate, with Will too!! O.M.G!! But what do I see in JP's stack of photos but just a couple of pics of the back of her head:

Of course we're not just talking Kate and Wills, there was also, get this, JODIE KIDD:
Holy cow I love that woman!

What a day!

Luv ya!



Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Kate is such a babe... sigh... there goes the knighthood :o))

JP said...

I think Sassi is more likely to get a gong than me!