Saturday, July 30, 2016

RIB blasting earworm music

Last weekend I joined Solent RIB Charter for a spot of America's Cup World Series watching.

They're based in Lymington so to get over to Portsmouth there was a woosh down the Solent at a fab 38 knots.

It was an absolute blast but needed a rocking sound track. But thanks to Earworm Radio (TM) I was able to tune into the track The City by The 1975 (above).

der der der.... "in the city" der der der dum

Or something like that.

The return to Lymington was meant to be a wet wind against tide affair but Bruce and Hannah from Solent RIB Charter were good enough to drop me off at Gunwharf Quay along with a host of other ACWS boats for the fast train back to London.

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