Monday, July 11, 2016

London's navy spotted out on manoeuvres

Spotted on the Thames recently was MTB 102 (as posted on earlier), heading upriver, no doubt to guard against an invasion of London from those crazy UKIP brigades.

Ok, maybe it was going to some classic boat festival, but apparently 34% of Londoners want either independence or an assembly similar to that in Scotland.

And London already has a light cruiser capable of hitting anything that were to cross the M25 orbital motorway:
It must be admitted that HMS Belfast might not have the most up to date electronic systems but its a start!


Bursledon Blogger said...

Or maybe 102 was there on recconnnessance should the independent republic of hampshire decided to invade

JP said...

Go Hampshire!

If you follow the link to the previous MTB entry it references that very post of yours

O Docker said...

UK news is not reported very clearly here in the former colonies.

There have been stories that the UK will be closing soon and that everything is to be available for sale at very reasonable prices. I'm planning another visit. Do you think next spring will be too late?

Also, is it true that foreigners will no longer be allowed to ride Boris bikes?

Maybe Sassi knows?

JP said...

I think Sassi is currently too heart-broken and/or doing the summer festival round (so covered in mud) to comment.

Boris bikes are now called Santander bikes which is probably just as well as Boris is not at all popular in the capital right now.

However the exchange rate makes it a very attractive destination from pretty much anywhere, not just ex colonies.