Sunday, July 17, 2016

Classic Boats At Henley-on-Thames

There were a lot of very well maintained, very shiny, mahogany classic motor boats on display at Henley-on-Thames this weekend.

However as you can see above you didn't need an engine to have something big enough for the classic man and dog pairing.
It was warm summer's day and the best way to see the boats was definitely out on the water (above and below) on the triple expansion steam-powered Windsor Belle together with a cool drink, smoked salmon sandwiches and strawberries with cream:
To be honest there are only so many classic motor boats you can see at one time, even if some of them were also "Little Ships", but it was a pleasant day out and I'd never visited Henley before:
There was also a very nice ice cream but that was eaten much too quickly for a photo.

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