Thursday, February 26, 2009

Review: Navionics iPhone Charts V1.6

Another update to the Navionics iPhone charts, namely V1.6.

In the previous review (see here) pointed out that it was hard to work out the scale of the chart shown on the screen and voila! - Navionics have listened and in V1.6 there is a little figure that gives the scale in the bottom right.

There is also a little arrow pointing North: hmmm... thought that was pretty obvious but I suppose there's no harm in making that absolutely clear.

A problem with V1.5 was the tidal charts showed strange anomalies with the height varying as if tsunamis were flowing through. These have been fixed, but there is still strange periods where there is no change in water depth followed by a jump up/down - look at the area around the blue box:

So a useful though not major update.


Greg Andkris said...

Viola? Isn't that a small guitar you play with a horse's tail?

I'm gonna have to break down and buy this app. Started playing with Shazam last week and I can't stop using it; even when I know the song that's playing I use it because it's so cool.

JP said...

Well spotted :)

If you want to sail stateside the other app iNavX is probably a better bet as it has the NOAA charts.