Saturday, May 16, 2009

List 1: Why Yachts are better than Dinghies

1. You can cross the oceans and travel the world in a yacht - unlike a dinghy

2. Yachts are romantic, allowing you to sail your love off into the sunset or find a quiet cove to go skinny dipping in

3. Yachts are for grown ups: look you're no longer 14 and really can't fit under that dinghy's boom any more

4. You make make a cup of tea or mix a perfect G&T in a yacht while moving

5. Yachts stay upright and don't randomly tip you over into the water

6. You don't need a horrid clingy smelly wet suit

Any more....?


Tillerman said...

Yachts look pretty sitting in the marina all summer. You don't even need to leave the slip to appreciate it.

Greg and Kris said...

If you have to many of those G & Ts on a yacht, drop the hook and take a nap.

Your relief options don't involve fresh air on the buns, so to speak.

JP said...

Very true, two good additions to the yachts better than dinghies list

bonnie said...

Silly me. And here I always thought randomly tipping over into the water was half the point.
:D />

JP said...

Bonnie: that true if its a lovely summers day OR you're on holiday in the Med / Caribbean / Hawaii etc

It is NOT true if its a cold autumn / winter / spring day in the Thames

It is also not true if there's someone watching you want to impress as while the recovery is a useful skill it is doesn't look cool ;)