Thursday, May 21, 2009

The return of the Bubbler

Also back this week is the Bubbler.

This is the Thames Water boat that pumps oxygen into the river to make up for the loss due to bugs gorging on raw sewage that has flowed into the Thames. This happens when in heavy rain - like we had last week - our Victorian infrastructure fails leaving the excess no where to go but the river .

So if you go out on the Thames tonight and fall in, keep your mouth closed.

I wish I could take that risk, as would be happy to out paddling this glorious evening, bubbler or no bubbler.

Can you fix broken bones with a spot of superglue?


Carol Anne said...

At least the bubbler is there to keep the Thames alive. I remember the 1970s, when Lake Erie died because of the same sorts of pollution issues. It has since been dramatically brought back to life, and I'm guessing the UK is going to do the same for the Thames.

Keep your tetanus shot current, eat lots of superfoods to keep your immune system working, and wash thoroughly after every experience with the river.

As for the toe ... have patience. A few years ago, Pat shattered his wrist, and it had to be rebuilt (lots of steel plates and other parts -- envision Luke Skywalker at the end of the second Star Wars movie). He had most of the function back in two months, and nearly complete recovery in six months. Your toe should be much less complicated.

JP said...

Thanks for the support, the toe is getting to be rather annoying. I think I keep putting too much pressure on it, and its hard to do nothing when there is so much to do!

The Thames is in remarkably good shape for a river that goes through a major city. Lots of wildlife, fish, birds, crabs etc which is a very good sign.