Saturday, May 16, 2009

List 2: Why Dinghies are better than Yachts

1. You can just go sailing at any time without fussing with getting a crew together

2. Its a lot more economical than a yacht - don't you know we're in a recession?

3. Where would you rather be at 3am - all cosy in your own bed or on watch somewhere out at sea, three hours into a four hour watch?

4. Dinghies are more exciting than yachts - you are more in touch with the wind and waves, and really feel the speed

5. With yachts there's always the fear you are judged by how big it is, and unless you are an owner of a major software company you will lose.

6. You can explore beautiful rivers and inlets where a yacht would be hard aground

Any more....?


Tillerman said...

You can always sail a yacht when you are too old for real sailing.

The O'Sheas said...

I've found that non-sailing types smile each and every time I say "dinghy," whereas "yacht" inspires something more like eyebrow raising.

JP said...

Er... guys.... shouldn't those two be on the other list, ie yachts better than dinghies?

O Docker said...

I can see I'm being drawn into both defending what I do as 'real sailing' and calling what I sail a 'yacht'. The jealous are relentless.

JP said...

The solution must be to have a yacht big enough to have a dinghy within it in one of those secret chambers that pops open after you're at anchor

Pat said...

The dirty secret is that there's no one perfect boat. "Horses for courses...."