Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Oh bother!

Arsenal get hammered by Man U and I've broken one of my toes, so those kayaking and sailing plans will be put on hold for a while.

But the bluebells were very pretty in the Dorset woods last weekend


Turinas said...

still musn't grumble

Carol Anne said...

Surely you can't let a mere broken toe prevent you from fun on the water? I have a friend who had his entire foot rebuilt, and he was back out there in two weeks.

OK, his wife did most of the work when he was on her sailboat, and he was just fishing when he was on his bass boat, but still ...

O Docker said...

First Tillerman nearly cuts off his finger, and now you've bashed a toe. What can we conclude? Blogging is hazardous work? Bloggers are naturally clumsy? Bloggers invent tales of misfortune so they'll have something to blog about?

If you have a real cast on your foot, did you know it can be used for navigation? At noon this time of year, the shadow from a leg cast will appear on the north side of the foot.

JP said...

You're all correct, crazy really.

I have a friend who broke her back and surprised her colleagues by appearing at her desk a week later!

In my defence she had a titanium support structure added to her spine and was pumped full of morphine etc while my doctor basically said go away and rest for couple of weeks to me, no cast, no titanium and definitely no morphine

I'm slightly paranoid that without a cast or anything the mend could come undone if use it too much

And it hurts like ****

Carol Anne said...

Well, if you put your toe into a cast, there would be the danger that it would lose its flexibility. I know a professional guitarist and a massage therapist who chose not to get casts when they broke their wrists. That decision meant they had to be super-careful while their bones healed, but they didn't want the injury to become career-ending.

So your doctor is helping you to keep that toe's flexibility. Of course, he may also be helping to keep National Health Service solvent by saving money. Not that there's anything wrong with that -- the year I lived in England, I got the very best health care I've ever received, because the mindset is to do only those things that will benefit the patient, and not those things that will increase the services billable to some presumably deep-pocketed insurance company.

JP said...

The NHS might not be perfect but to be honest very glad we have it rather than the US style insurance schemes that seems both inefficient and unequal.

What was funny was GP had no idea what to do about broken toe and rang up accident and emergency!

Hope your cough is getting better.

Carol Anne said...

Oh, the cough is much better, thank you. It's a pity there isn't a good herbal tea to help knit broken bones.