Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday, Four Photos

There are many ways of spending the Sunday before Easter. St. Mary's church had palm leaves and a real donkey for their service, but my morning involved a run along the riverbank.

Only 8 km, unlike those doing the London marathon, which was also today. 36,500 runners pounded the streets on what turned out to be a lovely day, and there were a multitude on the river too, like this great flock of kayakers.
Later in the afternoon there was also this solitary coracle, otherwise known as the bike boat bloke.
After the sun had set, the moon rose.
And so another weekend is over, and another week begins.


ChrisP said...

Daughter took her Shetland pony Casper to Fishbourne church to take the donkey part. He looked deeply dischuffed to be standing in for such an inferior animal.

JP said...

Must admit I was slightly impressed by the docility of St. Mary's donkey, but I guess it has had worse days than standing around off Putney High Street

And I guess the children there were on their best behaviour (and seemed to be enjoying the whole thing)