Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thunderbirds are go!

Ok, maybe not one of the Thunderbirds, but still pretty cool.

Its the RNLB RIB on the Thames rushing to rescue someone - probably one of the Devizes to Westminster paddlers as this pic was taken on Sunday and it had to weave its way between kayakers. Fortunately I've heard no story of tragedy on the Thames so I'm guessing all systems were A-OK by the time they arrived.

And on the space theme, its the last ever Space Shuttle launch on Friday - big event!.... hmmm... Friday... big event.... that rings a bell.....

Isn't there some sort of event happening in London on Friday?


DaveCort1959 said...

Next to last Shuttle launch. One more after this. Would love to go see it, but even here in the USa, can't do it. Cheers

JP said...

My mistake, think that should be last launch of *that* shuttle.

Yup, I too would love to see a launch but don't expect to be able to

DaveCort1959 said...

Cheers JP. Enjoy your blog a lot, makes want to get back to the UK one day.

San Pedro, California, USA

JP said...

Thanks Dave - been a bit hectic for blogging, but trying to get in the odd post.

I'm guessing tomorrow's event might be a bit short notice but next year's Olympics should be worth a trip over the pond!