Thursday, April 07, 2011

The Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant

For a moment I got all excited.

Next year, as part of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, there's to be a royal pageant of maybe 1,000 boats along the Thames. And according to an otherwise rather good article on the history of the Thames in The Telegraph, the route was from "Putney to Greenwich". For political balance here's The Guardian's take on the event, and they give the starting point as Putney as well.

Fantastic, I think: I can practice my royal wave and as HM passes I can salute her in style.

Closer reading of the route showed alas this to be a flexible definition of Putney to mean, basically, Battersea, as shown by the official route below:
The event already has its own web site with Facebook page and Twitter feed (of course) where you can register your vessel.

I don't think they have this sort of thing in mind:
I think I will need a bigger boat if I'm to join the fun.


Tillerman said...

Oh, I have to do that. Possibly my earliest memory is watching the queen's coronation (age 4 at the time - me not Elizabeth.) I would love to sail in her Diamond Jubilee. Can I do it in a Laser?

Tillerman said...

I've registered my Laser at the event website. Apparently there is some kind of "selection" process. Will it help if I say I know one of the Middletons?

JP said...

Maybe I should buy and then register my inflatable kayak? (I was going to say blow-up kayak but that might not be the right word association for HM's security team)

I could add that I know someone who knows the Middletons (a bit of background explanation for this bit would of course be helpful)

Tillerman said...

You want me to explain who the Middletons are? Have you been living under a rock?