Thursday, April 28, 2011

Picture puzzle

Haven't had a picture puzzle for a bit so here's one for you.

Ah, punting! Arguably the best way to enjoy an idle glide up or down a gently flowing English river, glass of Pimms to hand.

But where is this? It's a tricky one this, not the usual suspects, but there's three bits to the puzzle:

1) Where is this most definitely not?
2) Where might you think this is?
3) Where is it actually?

No. 3 is a real tough one so Google and guess work allowed.


Tillerman said...

This is definitely not Cambridge and you might think it is Oxford. The reason is that brave Cambridge punters stand on the high flat platform (the real stern of a punt) while cowardly Oxford punters stand inside the boat and punt the boat backwards like this dude here.

LOL. Verification word is "sofell"! How appropriate!

Baydog said...

Definitely not the Delaware and Raritan Canal

I might think this is in England

It's actually probably in England

Did I win a hat?

Tillerman said...

JP might be trying to fool us. It might be New Zealand for all I know.

JP said...

Tillerman is indeed correct.

It is indeed England, in fact it is the Garden of England and home of the Church of England, it is the lovely Canterbury.

O Docker said...

Is the Bible correct in saying that all life began in the Garden of Eton?

Tillerman said...

I think you're mixing that up with the quotation from the Duke of Wellington about the Battle of Paddington being won in the gardens at Eton.