Friday, April 29, 2011

Caption Competition

What a week it's been for news! An American finds his birth certificate and a British couple got married (plus other stuff in other countries). At JP HQ the tension was almost noticeable.

One found oneself conflicted. The head said stuff and nonsense switch off the TV and go for a bike ride. The heart said ok, how about heading up the Kings Road and then see what one can find?

Alas one found that half of London if not the World was there too with the Mall reputably full, and one feared that by the time one got there one would find the famous balcony empty. But by leaping over the railings of Green Park, some neat elbow work and a last minute sprint one was able to say one was there for the kiss.

But now one has a conundrum as the head and heart have very different views on what would be a suitable caption for the photo above. So this is an opportunity for one's readers to come to one's assistance by suggesting suitable words.

One would be most grateful, and hopefully even amused!


Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

My only comment is that the birth certificate in question has never been lost, and therefore has not been "found" this week. What has been lost for some time have been the brains of American Republicans. And I am not "hopeful" that they will be recovered any time soon.

O Docker said...

It's not often the one in the wedding dress is the most sensibly dressed.

Tillerman said...

"Phillip, who is that dreadful little man over there in cycling shorts?"

Tillerman said...

"I think that's Mr. John's husband, dear."

Baydog said...

Kate: I told Camilla she should've used Polydent!

Now where's my hat?

JP said...

Doc: that's what they said. However I can hear the dialogue now:

POTUS: Michelle, you know where my birth certificate is?

Michelle: I can't know where everything is - when did you last see it?

POTUS: In Chicago - it was with that stash of photos from our wedding

Michelle: Have you looked there?

POTUS: Of course I've looked there otherwise I wouldn't be asking you

Michelle: Well it must be somewhere...

Buff Staysail said...

Kate: Oh yah! Just updated my Facebook status to say hitched

Will: So how does 2 weeks at a Sunsail resort sound?

HM: Hmph - we did all this for Diana too

Philip: Fifty quid says I can hit than damn biker with my 22

Harry to Pippa: Well hello gorgeous - meet me behind the rose bushes in 5

Bride's dad: Just wait till I tell the boys in the golf club about this!

Junior bridesmaid: I want to play with my Sylvanians now