Sunday, April 03, 2011

My favourite drink

Over on Five O'Clock Somewhere Carol Anne has given us bloggers more time to write about cuisine, which is just as well as my muse is being stretched thin by the pressures of work and general Life with a capital L.

I was just wondering what on earth I could write about while finishing off my Sunday morning coffee when I realised I literally had an idea in my hands (assuming that cuisine includes drinks).

The home made weekend cappuccino made by the steaming grunting Gaggia is indeed one of the great things to savour. Unlike the rushed caffeine injection of the week this says there is time to relax, put one's feet up and read the paper.

And hopefully, like today, the sun will be out, its reflections glinting on the waters of the River Thames flowing by, and the bare branches of the trees will be tipped by the faintest spray of light green.

Updated: I see that Taru's been working on her coffee machine too and posted a picture that also included a very appetising chocolate something.

Now that is a great idea, so as an addendum here is an expresso with some Montezuma dark chocolate to nibble on:


O Docker said...

Coffee does seem to be a universal pleasure - savored in so many cultures.

I liked Taru's description of their new stovetop espresso machine, but, I must admit to having been distracted by some of her more recent photos.

Recently, I've discovered this new gadget for making coffee which is showing real promise. Supposedly, it takes a while to learn its deepest secrets, though.

JP said...

I see what you mean - about the gadget that is ;)

I hadn't heard of the Aerobie, but it does sound like a simple way to get a decent on-board caffeine fix.

However at home I quite like the drama of powering up the Gaggia with all its rattles and bangs (which are probably its way of saying "please de-scale me now").

Anonymous said...

Lets identify the mug. To my mind you have picked one of the finest British stoneware mugs, Denby. The shape is perfect It appears to be the "craftsman" or "curve" .The blue is perfect for contemplation of things martime.

JP said...

Well spotted, anonymous, that is indeed a Denby mug, which I feel is just right for that weekend cappuccino.