Sunday, December 09, 2012

What lies beneath?

I started my journey back from the Cutty Sark by crossing the Thames at a depth of 50 feet, taking the atmospheric Greenwich Foot Tunnel.

It's not as old as the nearby Brunel's Thames Tunnel, the world's first under a navigable river, but that one is currently being used by the East London Line.

However it is eerie and spooky enough: the echoing footfalls, the smell of damp and feeling the weight of water above your head.

It was just the thing to experience while re-reading the "Rivers of London" series 3rd book, "Whispers Under Ground" and by concentrating carefully I could almost sense the vestigia those books speak of.

There were more tunnels on the way home, taking the Docklands Light Railway and then the District line at Tower Hill:
 More tunnel pics to be found at the Londonist web site here.

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