Sunday, December 30, 2012

Ice skating at the Tower of London

In recent years more and more ice rinks have opened up in London around Christmas and previously I've tried the ones at Somerset House and the Natural History Museum.

This year I headed east to the Tower and jolly good it was too. I still think Somerset House is the best but the Tower's rink is larger than the small one outside the NHM and who can fault that setting.

Of course I was overtaken by who knows how many 6 year olds, but I don't mind that - honest!

However I do mind the chap who rammed into me at the precise moment I was wobbling causing my feet to fly up and my bottom to go crashing down.

I think I've earned a small brandy after dinner - for medical purposes, you understand.


Tillerman said...

Wow! I think I need a holiday in London in the winter.

JP said...

I've just posted some more pictures to help you decide ;)

Catherine said...

Until when will this happen and should we prebook?

JP said...

Hi Catherine!

Not sure they're up and running yet, and in general its best to pre-book though I managed to do so just a couple of days before.