Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring on the Thames

The daffs are out and its jumper but not coat weather, with spring definitely on its way. And talking of spring we've just had a super spring tide, with tidal ranges of over 7m at Tower Bridge.

And the river is looking more inviting by the day. I must confess not to be that good at going out in the midst of winter, as cold, rain and dark are not my favourite combinations.

But when it's like this who could say no, and above you see some canoeists and kayakers and below some rowers. It looks a bit like the Cambridge boat race team doing a photo-op as the University boat race is the 29th March - just two weeks away (alas looking like will miss this one).

Buts there's lots of other stuff on: just look at this long list of river events on the PLA site. Regattas, boat races, Tudor pulls, Thames barges, and much more to look forward to.

While not out on the river had nice bike ride up to Barnes, once to visit the farmer's market by the pond (below) and once just for the fun of it!

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