Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Egyptian Felucca

In honour of the totally thrilling events ongoing in Egypt, and hoping for a rapid resolution (Earth to Mubarak: just go already) here are some Felucca's on the Nile.

Latest updates to be found on Al Jazeera here.

Update: Oh dear, all gone horrible wrong, just a day later. Keeping my fingers crossed democracy wins out over dictatorship!


Baydog said...

If your leader rhymes with car wreck, say goodbye to Mubarak.
Give Elbaradei a try. Let's try to save what's left of the antiquities too.

Tillerman said...

If the name of your boat rhymes with felucca, then you really should write a limerick about it.

JP said...

Alas car wreck seems rather apt :(