Thursday, February 10, 2011

Inflatable everything?

One of the things I was meant to do last weekend was another hunt for a suitable inflatable kayak, after failing to find one at the Boat Show.

While wandering the halls of the ExCel centre I had this thought - what about an inflatable sailing dinghy? Just as I was shaking my head at my own stupidity what should I see but the above, the SmartKat inflatable catamaran.

It looks surprisingly good for something that packs up into two bags, and is relatively straight-forward to put together, as can be seen in this YouTube video.

And if catamarans then what else? Well apparently even the sky is not the limit as this proposed module to the space station is to go by:

Blow me up, Scotty!


Joe said...

I was very excited when I discovered the Catapult inflatable catamaran. I thought what a perfect boat for an urban dweller to own. Big bonus points in that it's fast and does not look ugly. Alas, I was crushed when I found out that it is no longer manufactured. :(

Back to the kayaks. I own a couple of Innova inflatables, they are great boats. I've heard very good things about Grabner.

JP said...

Thanks for the links Joe, I'll look into those kayaks.

The SmartKat looks pretty cool to be honest, even if the videos are rather cheesy with somehow a 1970s feel to them.

Dan said...

Call me ignorant, but that picture of a space station, is that designed on a catamaran design or something?

JP said...

No, the only connection is that both are inflatable.

A small connection but enough for a blog post.

Anonymous said...

if you're after catamarans I got the cheaper one from here:
but they aslo have others:

Anonymous said...

Hello JP, check the new TIWAL 3.2 inflatable dinghy: