Monday, February 21, 2011

Why lambs are navigational hazards

To end a triptic of posts about navigation here is a re-post from last year when I went with various family members on a chartered motor yacht on the Thames......

So imagine the scene: the lock doors open and JP carefully steers the Winnebago Caversham Royal inside, choosing with care a space with plenty of bollards to loop lines around.

JP: Ropes on left please

(it wasn't the moment for "lines" or "port side")

Senior crew: Oh look at those lambs!

Junior crew (chorus): Oh wow! There's another one! Ahhh!

Ship's mates: Be careful children, mind the gap!

JP: Hey people, can we have some ropes please?

Junior crew (various): Oh look at that one - it's black! Where? There! etc

Ship's mates: Wait for a grown up to help you get on land


In retrospect I regret those exclamation marks. As always boating is a learning experience and this was no exception. Better communication would be a good goal for next time, to avoid having to speak in capitals.

But it did leave me with a thought - would that have happened had I worn the captain's hat?


Baydog said...

Or if you were wearing a toque?

JP said...

I'm just an amateur cook - sounds like chefs like you or Tillerman should be the ones with a toque!