Sunday, May 12, 2013

Another ship's biscuit

An update on the long lasting ship's biscuit experiment.

Baked back in October 2012, these rock solid favourite of sailors in the day of Nelson were still going strong in January, the last time they were tested.

Earlier this evening there were three remaining, now just two. So what is the latest verdict?

No change!

Still crunchy, still tasteless, but crucially, still edible.

Way to go ship's biscuit!


O Docker said...

If you can't determine how long these will last, by now you should at least be able to calculate a half-life.

JP said...

They seem to be made from biscuitanium which has an indeterminate half-life, depending upon a) what else is in the cupboard and b) how hungry the occupants are.

Further research required

bonnie said...

I believe that they were traditionally served with weevils - perhaps that would help the flavor a bit?

Noodle said...

Didn't they serve it with Rhum and lemon? Back then they had bad teeth, so they needed to dip the bisquits in something.
You should have baked more; With only three bisquits left, this experiment will end far too soon. Send the recipy to NASA; They are planning a trip to Mars. They need those bisquits.

JP said...

It was quite tough but glad to say I don't have sailor's teeth so didn't need to soak them in rum let alone add weevils for flavouring.

Maybe I should apply for that 500 days round trip to Mars and this could be my USP - I can bring my own biscuits!

Actually I did bake more but threw the spares away which now seems a bit rash.