Monday, May 13, 2013

On Deck on Coast

Last night the BBC TV documentary series Coast was all at sea.

That meant a couple of sailing related history / geography clips plus Nick Crane (above) joining one of the On Deck yachts on the Round the Island Race.

Of course the BBC is meant to avoid branding and advertising but there were On Deck logos plastered all over the boom and hull. However in this case I don't think they'll be many questions asked as unfortunately they went into administration (or at least the UK part of the business) after filming in September last year.

It's a shame as they were a good bunch.

However this particular race was not their finest hour, with a spinnaker hoist that went wrong leading to three broaches in a row and then after turning the final corner by the forts to head up to Cowes their steering failed, and that was it.

I don't think it helped having a TV presenter and crew aboard. Above Nick is saying he's on the spinnaker rope (er....) and later he tries to do a piece to camera just as they try to recover the sail, earning a reprimand from the skipper.

It could have been worse, such as if it had the hyper irritating presenter Mark, but On Deck deserved a better swan song.


Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

Please described what happened when their steering failed. Something I always worry about....!

JP said...

Hi Doc,

It was rather dramatic and the beginning caught on camera. There was a shout of "we have no steering" or something like that and the yacht began to veer off course. It was at this time surrounded by other yachts all heading towards Cowes and so there was a lot of yelling for other boats to keep well clear, which they did. They then started to drop the sails as quickly as they could.

There was then a break in filming but when they re-started the engine was on and the emergency tiller had been attached, so they were making way under control. It was a failure of the wheel mechanism rather than rudder itself so they had that backup option.

As it was the biggest sailing race of the season there would have been lifeboats nearby if things had been much worse - and that particular location is close to major shipping lanes so it could indeed have gotten nasty.

I might watch again when get the chance but rather busy at the moment