Thursday, May 30, 2013

What's wrong with this blog

Hi guys!

As part of my media studies course I've got this assignment (mega yawn) to analyse a blog and naturally it was JP's I chose. What an easy target - soooooo many things wrong!!

Let's start with the title "Captain" is that off-putting or what? Makes you think of old fogies like these ones.

Then what's the blog actually about? Focus is key (or so last week's lecturer said) and JP's, like, all over the place!! Biking one week, kayaking the next, then some travel, art, music, bit of fiction and very, very rarely he's off sailing.

Epic. Fail.

He should take a leaf out of those blogs that focus on a single type of boat like Lasers or Sunfishes (JP - can you check those are right). At the very least sail your own yacht!!

Be an expert, JP!!

Then there's all this off-putting posts about Buff Staysail where he assumes people have, like, watched his TV show and hence know who he is. I mean - hello!! No one has seen Buff's TV show!!!

JP: don't put barriers in the way of your readers, make it easy for them!! No wonder you don't get the number of hits that others do.

Plus take a look at those photos - dull, dull, dull! You want models in swimsuits on beaches!!

And then....

..oops, I'm outta here, twitter's gone crazy,

Luv ya!

Sassi xxx

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