Monday, May 27, 2013

Tide and time waits for no rowing boat - or bike

The Thames between Richmond and Kingston is pretty idyllic for what is really an urban water way.

There's the lush riverbank with over-hanging trees on one side and brilliant green meadows on the other. It's easy to dawdle or, if you are in a rowing boat, just drift with the current.

This can be rather dangerous as this part of the river is still tidal and at the moment we're close to springs so the waters can be high and fast.

The rowing boat above was struggling, battling back towards the hiring state. But at least the destination was in sight and there was also a PLA boat watching over them. Others, just around the corner, weren't so lucky.

You can see the current around this buoy mid-stream by Syon Park:
That's something that bikers don't have to worry about - or so I thought until I remembered the parts of the Thames Path by Mortlake that flood at high water:
I did get wet after all.

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