Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Wimbledon Art Studios

This weekend is the Open Studios for the Wimbledon Art Studios, and it definitely is worth a viewing.

It was my first visit, indeed I'd only recently found out about them, which is odd as they're only a short bike ride away, and they are not just the largest art studio complex in London but probably all of Britain.

In total there are a maze of 173 small studios crammed into two concrete buildings, ex-office blocks by the looks of them. Within are currently 140 odd artists, everything from prints to ceramics to watercolour to oils to installations - indeed pretty much anything you might be looking for.

Actually there weren't that many sailing boats but there was one theme that appeared again and again.

It is said by those that live outside London that the capital is self-absorbed and inward-looking and there was much evidence in favour of this theory on show.

The artists here by the way are:

They have these open days twice a year so if you miss the one this weekend the next one is in November.

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