Sunday, May 18, 2014

How many candles?

Yes it's picture puzzle time again.


O Docker said...

You were at the National Maritime Museum's 'Guiding Lights' exhibit, showcasing the history of Trinity House lighthouses.

Or you've just acquired an interesting new wall hanging for the flat.

Tillerman said...


JP said...

O'Docker has the right organisation but the wrong building.

Tillerman has the right number of candles.

I would like to see a cake big enough for that many candles.

Hanging on the walls (and ceiling) of my flat are currently over a thousand little flies. It wasn't my idea and I'd rather have the Trinity House emblem, but maybe it's the latest thing in installation art. I'm hoping they'll take the hint and leave soon.

Tillerman said...

Interesting juxtaposition of the Trinity House coat of arms and what looks like the contents of some mariner's tool box. Probably the same kind of tools and instruments that O Docker uses to maintain his yacht and navigate from O Dock to P Dock and back again. I'm surprised he can't tell us where this photo was taken.

Anonymous said...


fork 'andles

JP said...

I think I shall have to put O'Docker out of his misery and post the next blog entry.