Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Thames Path from Erith to Greenwich

This weekend I followed the Londonist web site's advice and walked from Erith to Greenwich along the Thames path, and jolly good it was too.

According to Google Earth (above) it's around 13 miles - just over if you count the walk to and from the train stations (plus a bit of pootling about down jetties and diversions for ice creams).

The smelly bit mentioned in the earlier post is only a short distance but boy is it pungent: hold your nose and breath through your mouth for a bit.

Keep a look out for the Grandad sign on one derelict jetty while you go:
Across the river there was what looked like Boris's latest wheeze - a guillotine for when those giants get troublesome again:
I found the half way stopping point for lunch was Woolwich, home of the Arsenal (go the Gunners!) and this sculpture:
Then onwards!

The biggest sights (in every sense) were yet to come....

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