Sunday, November 09, 2008

Fun in Canberra

I am in a good mood even though the run through this morning of tomorrow's presentation was particularly disastrous (It! Doesn't! Work!)

Having got chucked out of my room by house keeping again (alas I'm getting to know the ones here too) decided to enjoy myself for a short while.

So popped over the footbridge to the edge of Lake Burley Griffen and hired a bike and did the West Basin Loop - about 17 km or an hour's worth of peddling. And jolly, jolly nice it was too.

The track is well laid out through park land like below, and the sun was out but not too hot with cooling breeze and the moon riding high in the sky. I found myself singing the Girls Aloud latest (sorry all) and even going "Give me an O, a B, an A, a M, and an A and what have you got? A president elect!"

Its a great way to see the city which is quite spread out and full of funky modern architecture like this - the National Museum of Australia:

After doing the loop and having a cooling ice cream headed out for part 2 of the afternoon's entertainment - a hour on the water kayaking.

It has been two months since been out on the water and boy was it fun to be out there again! Paddled into the central basin and admired the line up to the Parliament House before heading back.

Alas not enough time for sailing - but the picture below shows the Canberra Yacht club were in serious race mode this afternoon so might not have been the best time to borrow a boat anyhow.

Now back to that laptop.....

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