Friday, November 07, 2008

President Elect Obama Speaks out on Sailing

I have a dream (cheers) I have a dream in which the great people of America (cheers) whatever their colour, whatever their background, not just work together but sail together (more cheers!)

I want to see a new America! To change course, to see America no longer the terror of the seas, but shining bright, the light-house on a hill, to plot a new, safe course for not just for our great country (cheers) but also for the world (big cheer).

And the Americas Cup - can we win it? (shouts of yes we can!) - should we reach for it? (cries of yes, yes!) - yes we can, yes we should and yes we will win! (huge cheers!)

For this country to stand tall again, tall as a tall ship, give me your support, so we can sail together out of the storm into calm waters sparkling under the warm summer sun (cheers)

Thank you! (cheers! and chants of yes we can! yes we can!)

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