Saturday, November 22, 2008

Extreme Kayakers - a Clarification

Some of you might have seen the video above of extreme kayakers descending the spillway of a Welsh reservoir.

Such behaviour is of course not just dangerous, its possibly illegal.

It might be worth therefore clarifying a few points.

In no way were any members of any canoe club I know involved. None of them have been down the spillway and certainly not twice and definitely not last Sunday.

My reaction would definitely not be to say "Hey guys how cool was that". Their kayaks are not now know as the Jesus boats and that is not related to what they would say as they hurtled down the spillway (which of course they didn't).

It is of course worth reminding one selves of the dangers - see Bonnie's post here - even if a site inspection at the time of running (should anyone have been there, which of course they weren't) suggested that the water was flowing through steadily with little danger of getting trapped in flow-back.

They didn't try to get JP to roll this weekend (unsuccessfully) and this post is not in any way trying to get any reflected glory here (because of course they didn't do anything).

Hope that is entirely clear.

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