Saturday, November 01, 2008

Sydney Harbour

No prizes for guessing where I am!

Alas as can be seen weather is not that great so might as well get down to work - though did have time for one of my favourite ferry rides in the world which is the Circular Quay to Manly ferry and back to clear the head of airplane air.

Its a great - and cheap - way to see the sights of the Bridge and Opera House, but also admire the wonder which is Sydney Harbour itself. As the ferry crosses the opening just before Manly you get for a short while a taste of the Pacific swell and boat rolls from side to side. But further inside it is almost always calm enough even for those little Lasers to race.

Now its time for either supper or breakfast depending which time zone my stomach thinks its in.


Tillerman said...

Dude, you should have been there with me in February. A few hundred of "those little Lasers" were racing a few miles up the coast on those awesome Pacific swells.

Enjoy your trip! Hope you fit some sailing in.

JP said...

I wish! (to both being there in feb and able to go sailing)

Alas mostly seeing inside of my hotel room while taping away at one of the two laptops have with me.

Though when cleaner turned up had a walk in the park with an ice cream (yup, going wild down under)

Katinka said...

Nah, for a really wild time Down Unda you need to try the gelato. (vegemite flavoured...of course!)

JP said...

Vegemite ice cream? Sorry not that tempted.

But the cooked breakfast this morning .... just couldn't say no and that's wild enough for me!