Friday, November 21, 2008

Tai Po and Plover Cove

One of the things about travel is it addictive - you just want to see one more sight. But even the longest trip must one day end.

The last day in Hong Kong had a meeting in Tai Po and then the rituals of check in at the airport. But there was time for one last hit, namely seeing Tai Po itself and the nearby Plover Cove.

Tai Po is in the New Territories (well they were new in 1898 in this case) and was a small market town until the growth of Hong Kong turned it into a satellite dormitory town.

At the heart is still the street market above - I must have looked a bit out of place wandering along it in my two piece pin stripped suit ready for the presentation.

Below is the river that has been given concrete banks and in the background some more concrete apartment blocks and the MTR into Hong Kong.

After the meeting my client heard me asking about the nearby Plover Cove and kindly took me to see it.

It was a good place to say goodbye to Hong Kong. The city is rightly known to be crowded, with millions packed in so tightly it must grow vertically higher and higher.

But the rocky peaks that squish in the buildings are also an escape valve, where at weekends hikers can be found stretching their legs.

And not just hikers, at Plover Cove there are also water sports with boats and kayaks for hire.

Another thing for "next time".

Farewell Hong Kong.

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