Saturday, November 01, 2008


In honour of the southern hemisphere where I find myself now the picture above has been inverted - or made the right way up, take your pick.

More later as have alas to work


Katinka said...

G'day! I hope the weather improves a bit more for you there((judging by the next post, it looks like it's been a bit more like a London autumn than a Sydney spring!) - although it's probably less tempting to leave the work and go explorating when the rain clouds are gathering.

ps(say hello to Joc Dundee for me!)

Katinka said...

(Typo - that should read "exploring". Mind you, explorating sounds a little more suitably 'inverted'! *g*)

JP said...

Joc Dundee alas gone walkabout but still hoping to have a chance to catch up over the weekend ;)