Thursday, July 14, 2011

All the fun of the (Barnes) fair

Last Saturday it was the Barnes Fair, which was pretty good. Indeed I heard someone say rather ruefully "it knocks our Kew fair for six" or words to that effect.

There was something for everyone. I heard a teenage boy see these standup paddly things (insert right word here) and go "that is so cool" while a teenage girl a moment later went "Oh my God! Vintage clothes!!"

For the young-uns there was a harrowing tale of domestic violence, otherwise known as Punch and Judy:
For the foodie there was stand upon stand of cup-cakes in feed-an-army quantity (seriously, what is it about cup cakes?)
There was enough second hand books even for me, plus bands, good causes, furniture, fossils..... you name it.

All in all rather a good time was had by all. It even only drizzled rain a little bit - what more can you ask from a British summer?

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