Friday, July 29, 2011

Sailing to Scilly

I'm having to rely on the iPad to blog which is pretty basic alas. Some one should tell Steve Jobs to spend some of Apples huge money pile on making Safari more blogger friendly.

Anyhow here is the start of the Penzance to Scilly race as described here.


Allkindsofsunglasses said...

lol I know what you mean it's not exactly bug free, cool photo though!

JP said...

I'm told there's a new blogger html-5 browser based app from Google to try.

Thanks re. photo - right place right time I guess.

Facebook Tab Design said...

I would of thought it was ok on the ipad with it having a big screen, I have blogged on my basic htc phone before and it's being perfect, although that is using an app! does the ipad not have similar apps?

JP said...

It does but its basic with none of the standard web controls to format text and embed things like video. I have to switch between the web browser (where can enter html raw) and the application (where can insert pictures but not much else).

I think an android tablet would be better as I *think* it can handle the rich text controls that Google uses for its sites.