Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Museum of Art History, Vienna

Heading out from St. Stephen's Cathedral in any direction and you eventually reach the Ringstrasse, the road that loops around the center of Vienna. Along its wide boulevard are many palace like buildings dating from the late 19th Century, such as the Museum of Art History (above).

Like most of its contemporaries it has numerous statues in alcoves and along its roof line, and that's just the start, for inside its an overload of marble, gold, sculptures and paintings, such as this dual staircase (look closely and you'll see some Klimts):
The ceiling is pretty good too:
The guide book says its one of the best museums in Europe, and that must be true: we just had time to look at two wings and only just scratched its surface.

The collection was clearly built by a very, very rich aristocracy, the sort that calls this simply a "salt cellar":
 It also has arguably the best cafe in any museum anywhere:
Worth the entrance fee just to drink coffee there!

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