Sunday, April 14, 2013

UFO spotted over London!!

Reports have rocked the capital all day of a mystery UFO high in the sky.

Lingering for literally hours, it was said by the millions to have spotted it to be yellow-white in colour and so bright as to be blinding!

UV Ray Gun?

Scientists observing this phenomena detected high levels of UV radiation from a nuclear fusion reaction - beyond any engineering possible on Earth.

"The Yellow UFO could be dangerous" said a scientist with a beard. "I'd advise wearing protecting clothing when in its direct line of sight."

Aliens Danger

The Daily Mail is very concerned about this new CANCER risk from ALIENS and is asking for Government action. However Number 10 has issued a wait and see statement, while admitting that this Yellow UFO could appear in the skies over London later this summer. The opposition has already slammed this as another example of a do-nothing administration.

Ice Cream Agents

But the twitter-sphere is already speculating about the next visitation of this celestial apparition, and whether the alien agents are already among us. "On days when the Yellow UFO appears, you always see ice cream vans: how do they know? Is there secret communication or are they Yellow UFO agents?"

Watch this space - or rather watch the skies!! (*)

(*) carefully - don't look directly at the Yellow UFO


O Docker said...

Keep calm, and carry on.

I was in the UK for three weeks recently and, from my observations, there is very little risk of this UFO appearing for more than 30 minutes at a time.

In the event of a spotting, best to head for a pub until the danger passes. In fact, the comprehensive network of pubs, distributed at strategic intervals throughout the nation, seems an ideal defensive counter-measure against the UV peril.

JP said...

Good advice - Blighty is ready!