Monday, April 01, 2013

Statue to the artist having a costume malfunction


Kat said...

(which is what comes from accidentally sniffing turps while creating masterpieces. Just as well The Artist wasn't on Facebook ?!)

JP said...

The date and time of the post was not an accident.

It made a variation to the family's Justin Bieber related April Fools!

Kat said...

Hah, sneakiness! :) (so did Justin appear for afternoon tea with you and your mum?)

JP said...

There is an explanation for the Justin B. related posts in that he was in Vienna at the same time as us.

We were wandering past the Sacher Hotel / Cafe and there was this big group of young girls screaming out his name with police & barriers.

We beat a hasty retreat!

Justin B. said...

Hey JP,

you left ur signed Easter egg behind...thought I'd let u know so you can like go get it from my agent or something. Ok, so, I think he like ate it already...whatever..

Anyhow...what does it take to get Buff to like, write me in 2 a sailing post?

JP said...

Hi Justin, thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed your Sacher Torte

Buff is off on an adventure (or so he says) but according to Sassi the last thing he said before vanishing was that he wanted a signed photo and that Sassi was to look after it for him until he returns.

However Sassi for some reason added that you weren't to think that she wanted a photo for herself after that incident in London, as you've probably forgotten her already.