Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Sachertorte at Vienna's Cafe Central

All these trips to art galleries, museums and palaces were interspersed with pit stops at local cafe's and restaurants.

Vienna is especially known for its cakes, and most of all for the Sachertorte (above) - indeed the name comes from the Sacher Hotel and Cafe next to the grand opera:
We had thought of visiting and trying one of their Sachertortes but they were entertaining a Canadian singer of the name of Justin Beaver (Ed. - is that right? pl. check) so we went elsewhere.

And that was absolutely the right thing to do as we ended up in the wonderful Central Cafe, like many an intellectual and writer before:
It was one of those places that feels like home and would have been happy to stay there many days, eating through their cake range and pretending to write away - or even actually write away, spurred on by their equally great coffee.


O Docker said...

That looks far more interesting than Wieners, although I do see they feature Wiener Kuche   :-).

As a Cambridge man, you were probably taught how to spot intellectuals. Don't they wear funny hats or something?

JP said...

It took three hard years to be able to be trained to spot an intellectual.

At least I think it did - I've forgotten so much that I learnt there, and it seems the intellectual spotting techniques is one of those that's been lost.

I found I was rather good at sachertorte spotting though

Tillerman said...

Is "intellectual" the old-fashioned way of saying "blogger"?

Baydog said...

MMMMMMMMMMM.....Sacher Torte

JP said...

Baydog: it was every bit as good as it looks (which ever way you spell it)

kat said...

Thanks to these teaser blog posts, Vienna is another place I now want to explore!! The sacher-torte looks delicious - have you had a go at baking this yet?

JP said...

The sacher torte was totally yummy!

I was baking this weekend but bread and hot cross buns rather than cake