Saturday, April 06, 2013

The Klimts of Vienna

Vienna was home to many artists, one of whom was the creator of The Kiss (above), namely Klimt.

We saw quite a few Klimts while there, of which The Kiss was probably the most spectacular of those within the museum in the Belvedere Palace (below):
This museum and park is a bit out of the way but definitely worth the walk from Karlsplatz, even on what was a very chilly day with rain or sleet most of the time.

Another home for Klimts was the art nouveau gem of the Secession Building:
Here was a room where all four walls were decorated with Klimt's Beethoven Frieze, an allegorical story of human's travels through woes, battling temptations, to reach joy through the arts (or something like that). It too ends with a kiss.

It being rather cold we decided to end our art tour at this point and go for a warming soup in a nearby cafe.


Kat said...

Ok, the torte was enviable enough, but would kill to see the Klimt series!! (well, not really, but I might steal your cake)

JP said...

I remember thinking that one slice wasn't enough now I realise why ;)