Tuesday, April 02, 2013

St. Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna

 St. Stephen's Cathedral dominates the center of Vienna.

While there are many, many grand buildings in this city, surprisingly few of them date back more than 150 years, but one of them is this lovely Gothic building. It has the most amazing roof, created by over 230,000 glazed tiles, making a wonderful pattern:
Inside is as intricate and ornate as you'd expect from this exterior, with added atmospheric and aromatic incense:
The roof is pretty good (though of course not quite as good that one in the place that's a bit like heaven):
 Outside the cold stones are warmed but not just plain floodlights but also coloured lights:
There were of course many services for Easter which I ducked out of, though I was impressed by this moving sculpture called Rose Von Jericho in the square outside:
It's a good place to start exploring Vienna, a good landmark to orientate around.

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