Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Danube at Vienna is not blue

There was only the shortest of times to explore the Danube River as it flows through Vienna, but we did walk across it on a pedestrian bridge.

Confusingly there are actually three branches. As well as the "real" Danube, there is also the "New Danube", which follows its partner in parallel, creating in between a park like long island called Donauinsel.

Both are slightly away from the main town, unlike the Danube Canal which is just a short walk down from St. Stephen's Cathedral.


O Docker said...

I think Strauss knew the music business pretty well and was just trying to 'sell' his new waltz. He couldn't very well have called it 'On the Beautiful Gray Danube'.

And if he'd tried to evoke images of the river at sunset, we would have ended up with:

Auf der schönen roten Donau

JP said...

Maybe I should go back on a summer's day and check whether the water's are blue then.