Tuesday, January 06, 2009

How to make an angry sailor happy

Above is Griff Rys Jones getting angry when racing his classic yacht off Cowes. As posted previously he got really really angry - and admits he has a bit of an "anger management issue"

Yet the picture below is again Griff, and again at the wheel of a boat but this time, yes, he's definitely smiling!

What caused this cure? Well he's lucky enough to be a the helm of the Open 60 Artemis doing 20 knots or something. And yes that looks like a lot of fun.

They ought to prescribe that on the NHS (our the National Health Service). I can see the scene now:

Me: Doctor, I'm feeling very angry, its the news you see

Doctor: I see. Maybe we should try a day sail on an Open 60, hmm?

Me: But I keep reading articles like this one and this, its really getting to me

Doctor: Oh dear, that sounds bad. Better make it a long weekend with plenty of high speed offshore racing

See? Sure that would do me a lot of good and make up for loosing the charity auction...... sigh.....

If only all doctors were so obliging, with diagnosis and prescriptions so welcome!

The episode with Griff on Artemis (above) was the second part of the TV series Three Men in More than One Boat in which they made their way along the Cornish coast ending up at the Scilly isles. Unfortunately their spin on Artemis was cut short by an incoming storm, which almost prevented them reaching their destination.

They only made it by picking up a lift on the Trinity House supply ship Galatea which I remember seeing by Tower Bridge in central London when it was named by the Queen.


Katinka said...

(sailing as anger management therapy sounds fun! Perhaps that would work for people with road-rage too? :P)

JP said...

I volunteer to find out ;)