Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sailing invitation

I got an invitation to go sailing yesterday. It was from Clipper Round the World races - must have signed up to their email list at some point.

Met them again at the London Boat Show and we discussed how you can do a full circumnavigation or just part, and we worked out friends of mine must have done the Perth to Qingdao leg. And the email was all about that particular leg - boasting that it was great as "If you choose leg 4 you will be facing exactly the same conditions that the Volvo sailors are battling now" (pictured above).

Hmmm.... is that really the best of sales techniques? Some phrases today from the VOR web site "E3 safe after terrifying ordeal" and "horrific night when [E3] suffered extensive hull damage and began taking on water". And the wasn't the wave height 14m or something?

What looks a lot more inviting sailing conditions is this video of Sam overtaking Safran to take fourth. To be honest her French is trop vite for me but words like chocolate need no translating!


Greg and Kris said...

As a marketing communications drone I love to see this kinda stuff. I don't know how many times I've wanted to say to the client, "But toxic sludge is NOT good for them."

The Natural Navigator said...

That video of Sam Davies is great. Very different approach to the camera to Ellen MacArthur's. All nice pinks, bags of sweeties and smiles!

JP said...

Greg: will forward you the email. Can see what they were aiming for - clipper isn't your average day sail in the solent and the chance to sail under storm conditions would certainly be a memorable occaision. Just think it got a bit too extreme this week in the Volvo for your non professional.

NN: I think there's a lot of sailors out there with soft spots for Sam! Will ponder the question you emailed and reply when back home (currently in Virgin train with slightly random internet access)