Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sam heads North

So Sam has passed Cape Horn and is now heading north into the Atlantic in forth place in the Vendee Globe. Surviving a knock down in the final few hours in the Pacific she can cross off one of her New Year Resolutions - to take a photo of Cape Horn.

At least I hope she took a photo as she went round at 09:30 UT and it must have been dawnish at the Cape then. It would be a bit of a shame if she has to go back and do it again when its daylight! She said she saw it so there must have been a bit of light.

For those following Sam you might be interested in this interview by satellite phone. And you must check out the video of her dancing to "Girls just want to have fun".

Go Sam Go!


O Docker said...

The video of Sam dancing around the boat is a kick!

I'm reminded of the Beatles in Help! - only she's by herself on this mad freight train of a boat in the Southern Ocean!

You're right, it IS hard to write about Sam without those exclamation marks.

JP said...

Isn't that video absolutely fab?

ps see - it is possible: not a single exclamation mark!

pps oh bother, apart from that one