Thursday, January 15, 2009

iPhone Apps: JP's MI3s

Yesterday in the Boathouse had one of those "what Apps have you got" sessions with fellow iPhone owning Kris. As usually happens in these occasions we found we had slightly different sets, even for those relating to boating.

But that's good as leant something and now have another cool iPhone app. In honour of Greg's last comment I'm calling them JP's MI3s, which of course stands for the "maritime iPhone 3" applications:

1) Knots - hadn't thought to look but Kris pointed out you can get Apps that show you how to do the most common knots. I downloaded one this morning while half asleep and discovered it wasn't the same as hers. However "Knot Time", as the one I've installed is called, is pretty cool as it has videos of someone tying the knot. I therefore have no excuse!

2) Navigation - I'd been looking into these previously and found this great one that had free US NOAA charts but of course thats not much good for those this side of the pond. Then found Navionics which is promising Euro charts and gives for free those around North West Italy. So if you want to do a spot of pilotage into or out of Genoa and have an iPhone get it 'cos its all free.

3) Race trackers - thanks to Sam and co I am of course following the Vendee Globe not the Volvo but Ericsson have developed a neat WebApp (as they are called) that shows on the iPhone news, videos, rankings etc. Jolly clever and a good Christmas present to the sailing community, hence photo above. A must for VOR following iPhone users. WebApps have huge potential, but thats the techy in me speaking.

So thats JP's MI3 - any others you can recommend?

I am again amazed at what can be achieved by devices like the iPhone. Web, email, GPS, graphics etc etc all in the palm of your hand.

Q would have been really impressed.

Update: am actually posting this in the London Boat Show (more of later), on my also very cool Dell Mini 9 Netbook, where have just had useful chat with Claudio on the Navionics stand and they have just released charts for the UK - discounted for the rest of the month! Sounds like top tip and a fun thing to try out this weekend.

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