Thursday, January 01, 2009

Sam's New Year Resolutions

Sam is now 6th (hurrah!) and is celebrating the New Year (above) and making a few resolutions.

However there seems to be something wrong with her satellite phone as there have been a few changes from what must be the correct list:
- Sail around the world
- Take a photo of Cape Horn
- Eat the Nutella out of the pot with my fingers
- Do not fall asleep with the motor on charging the batteries
- Sponge the bilges every day
- Brush hair more than once a week
- Eat more chocolate
- Eat better chocolate
- Catch up some miles on the leaders
- Be nice to Chuck, the autopilot
- Take no risks

Can you spot what the changes the Iridium phone has introduced?


O Docker said...
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O Docker said...

Oops, on re-reading, last comment could be read in ways not intended.

I'm always amazed at how cheerful Sam is no matter what conditions and obstacles she's facing - maybe a key to the kind of inner strength needed to take on a challenge like that.

But I agree with you 100 per cent about the chocolate.

JP said...

Irony is hard to do via the internet!

Yes, amazing the strength of her character. Maybe chocolate is the key to her success.

O Docker said...

My New Year Resolutions:

- Do more proofreading before posting comments

- Whenever practical, and as conditions allow, avoid drunk blogging

JP said...

Life would be a lot less interesting without alcohol to oil the wheels - and posting too ;)